Audrey Hepburn


While working on the last art entry, I was listening to a LoFi Hip Hop music stream on Youtube when I came across “There’s Such A Lot Of World To See” by Joey Pecoraro.  When I looked up the song, there was this black and white picture of the late Audrey Hepburn. Afterwards, I felt like recreating it.

Logan, The Most Interesting Mutant In The World (Complete)


It took about a week to get all the inking and coloring done. There were a few parts I’ve changed from the original pencil work (most notably the hand and claws).  The idea for this piece occurred ever since I saw the first trailer for Logan, which I got to see the movie over the weekend (it was truly great). I couldn’t help but think, “He looks like the spokesperson from the Dos Equis commercials.” Searching online for any artwork to see if anyone’s done it already, but surprisingly (at the time), no one. Regardless, here it is.

Life Update


So I haven’t been active on here in awhile. That’s because I’ve been working at my latest job. Can’t say much, other than it’s close to what I want to do. Recently, I’ve been trying to find more time to draw, and post new content. It can be a challenge pushing myself to work on projects, especially on the days off from work when I just want to relax, watch movies/shows, play video games (especially with my new Playstation 4) and so forth. However, it’s pulling me away from what really matters, and I hope that this year, I would maintain a more active presence.