Inktober, Day 26 – Squeak

Inktober2017Day26SqueakByJTjrYou ever had shoes that over time, they start to make squeaky noises?  This ninja considers getting new shoes to replace his old ones. Thought I try and experiment writing in Japanese for this one. Even based it on the tategaki style, where they’re read down each column, right to left.


Inktober, Day 24 – Blind


Blind lawyer by day, crime fighting vigilante by night, Matt Murdock fight injustice as the Devil from Hell’s Kitchen, a.k.a. Daredevil. This is how he appears in the Marvel Netflix series.  It took over 11 hours to make.

Inktober, Day 20 – Deep


Deep within the unknown lies a god like creature as old as time. Trapped in slumber, it is worshiped by human cults across different parts of the world. Those who stare at it in person are driven into insanity, for they cannot grasp its true form. It is ill-advised to make connections to previous entries, as it is not for the faint of heart.