Simply Bimbo


It’s Bimbo whistling while walking down the street. What could possibly go wrong?


Super Ghost



“What If Superman came back as a spirit of vengeance?” This pictures answers the question, merging the Man of Steel with Ghost Rider. The idea was based on an old drawing I did several years ago, with some changes made. The semi-diamond emblem was based on Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider face. Most of the suit was based on concept art from the infamously cancelled film, Superman Lives. Actor Nicolas Cage was signed on to play the lead role, only to go on to play Ghost Rider in the live action movies, and voice Superman later in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies. It was from knowing this little trivia that I decided to the merge the two together.

Next Week: Simply Fleischer.

The Dark Devil


It’s almost 4 am.  I’ve been getting carried away with these drawings, with one taking longer than the last. Here’s a mashup of Daredevil and Batman.

Captain Wonder/Marvel Woman

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Early morning, I finally finish the coloring to the mashup between Wonder Woman and Carol Danver’s Captain Marvel.  She comes in to two color schemes.

Joker Redesign


Joker design based on another early creation made years ago, under the same program used to make the Iron Man redesign.  I made him very similar to his traditional look, with a few changes, including the hair and color scheme. I was inspired by anime shows like Cowboy Bebop and Lupin the 3rd, where the main characters have a similar look.

Next Week: Character Mash Ups

Jill Valentine Redesign


Based on her appearance in Resident Evil: Nemesis, I went for something a little more practical from her original design.  I gave her a blue tank top, black pants tucked, a badge necklace, and a long ponytail.  Some of the traits from the original design (boots, wrapped sweater, and holster) were carried over to here. Like the Superman redesign, there are parts I felt I could improve, like give her fingerless gloves, or keeping her hair short.

Batman Redesign


This is another redesign based on a old drawing.  The inspiration came from an episode of Batman: The Animated Series, when he wore a special suit to combat Firefly.  The colors were inspired by the main suit in Batman Beyond.

I like the fully covered cowl look for personal reasons.  While I am fine with the original open mouth concept, I saw a few flaws to it.  First, it would make it easier for people to figure who Batman is under the mask (white male with a significant chin and other facial features).  Second, it’s left open and vulnerable for criminals to shoot at. There have been explanations as to why it would be difficult to shoot the Dark Knight in the mouth, ranging from him moving around during combat, to having a concealed bulletproof shield that retracts from his cowl. Nevertheless, this Batman’s cowl covers his mouth for better protection.

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