Just Monika

Just Monika.


The Kickboxer


Just a lady practicing her kicks on a punching bag. This was another line art practice done in Illustrator, with coloring done in Photoshop.

Simply Finn and Pete


I was experimenting with line drawing in Adobe Illustrator. Inspired by my nephews’ toys they got over for the holidays. Being into Star Wars, one of them had an action figure of the character, Finn, and they were posing it with a Spider-man action figure. The costume worn by the web head (pictured above, right) is based on the one seen in the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. Though there isn’t a toy based on this appearance (as of this post, that I know of), I added it in just for this picture and in anticipation for the Marvel film later this May. I still have yet to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi (also as of this post).

Babes in Toyland – March of the Toys

BabesInToylandByJTjrI’ve been playing around with Adobe Illustrator over the holidays, and came up with an image based on one of my favorite films I used to watch.  I remember being around four to five years old when I first saw the 1961 version of Babes in Toyland. It wasn’t until recently, when my workplace started playing “March of the Toys,” that I grew an itch of re-watching it.

The movie was still enjoyable as I remembered it. With the exception of one plot hole, it stills holds up through its colorful set designs, memorable cast (such as Tommy Sands and  Annette Funicello as the two leads, Ed Wynn as the Toymaker, and Ray Bolger as the antagonist Mr. Barnaby), catchy musical numbers (e.g. “We Won’t Be Happy ‘Til We Get It”), and of course, the March of the Toys segment. A nice nostalgic trip down memory lane.


Simply Justice


“Enough! All of you are beneath me!” Shouted a towering Steppenwolf, “I will take my place among the new gods. And I will not be bullied by…

Suddenly, Superman flattens Steppenwolf with repeated smashes onto the floor.

“Puny New God.” Superman replied.

I saw Justice League last week, and despite what others are saying, I actually enjoyed it. Though weak at first, it wasn’t until the second act that it grew better.  The action scenes were incredible and some of the hits were shocking. The humor was also good, though there were a few parts I felt they could’ve cut out.

The main heroes were probably the strongest part of the movie. Everyone of them had a great scene in the movie, including The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) being one of my favorites. Now, the villain Steppenwolf, I can agree with others who didn’t like him, because he was the weakest in the movie. Even during his invasion, it didn’t stick a candle to General Zod and the Kryptonians in Man of Steel.

Despite the flaws, I still enjoyed the film. Though not perfect, it was a feel good movie going experience.

Simply Cuphead + Review


Here’s Cuphead and his pal Mugman from the old timey, run and gun video game on PC and X-Box One.  This was a drawing I did during FantastiCon last September, but didn’t get around to coloring until after Inktober ended.

I am fan of Golden Age of animation (cartoons from 1928 to 1969), and really like the game was going for.  I admire the animation and scenery put into each level, taking pages from earlier Disney and Max Fleischer cartoons during the 1930s.  The gameplay was similar to older video games like Contra, with its side-scrolling, run and gun mechanics.  It also has that level of difficulty that older games have, specifically around the 1980s and 90s. In other words, be prepared to die… a lot. While the game has a few side scrolling levels, it mostly consists of boss fights with multiple forms, each one being harder (and sometimes scarier) than the last (Non-spoilers: Don’t aggravate any boats).  Though frustrating at times, there’s a sigh of relief after beating each boss/level. However, if there’s one thing that pulled me out of the experience, it related to the music.

While I like the jazz music and work put into each song by the recording studio (“Aviary Action” being one of my favorites), the quality felt too rich to be in something that mimicked the time period.  It felt like the original audio was lost when they discovered the cartoon, and the studio came in to recreate the music.  Luckily, there’s an audio filter you can unlock later in the game that lowers the music quality to sound more like the time period.

Overall, this is still a great game if you’re into the old school setting, both the cartoon visuals of the 1930s and level of challenge in video games from the 1980s and 90s. While it is difficult to beat, it is also a visually stunning game to look at (especially when watching someone else play), as well as a callback to the cartoons of yesteryear.