Blank Variant Cover – Miss/Captain Marvel, Then and Now


I’ve been working on a few blank comic covers I bought over the past week. This time, I decided to add coloring. Here’s Marvel’s Carol Danvers, formerly known as Miss Marvel (left), currently known as Captain Marvel (right).


Preview Comic – Jacob’s Perspective


Over the past month, I have been working on a comic book with my sister.  It’s a story that deals with Asperger awareness, what’s it like to have it, and how to handle it.  I worked on the line art as well as coloring the cover. The preview is free, and can be viewed in a PDF format, just by clicking on the link below.

Jacob’s Perspective #1 Preview

From The Past: “Beauty and the Gamer”

Here’s something I’ve been meaning to post for some time now.  It’s a page from a comic I did from my Comics Illustration class. It’s a story about a struggling relationship and a personal obsession.

BeautyAndTheGamerPage3SampleByJTJRThe Process

  1. After a script is written, the thumbnail sketches are drawn out to get a visual idea on how each page will appear. This can also be done the other way around (thumbnail first and script second). After making a few changes, they’re ready to be drawn and inked.printreadyFinal_3_sampleProcess01ByJTJR
  2. Each page is then sketched and inked on a Bristol sheet of paper. The measurements for the pages vary. For mine, I drew on a 7.5″ x 12″ in. sheet. Like most artists, I usually draw with a mechanical pencil with blue led in it, before inking them. Any errors made during this part of the process (e.g. lines sticking out of the panels) will be corrected.  Once the pages are finished, they’re ready to be scanned.BeautyAndTheGamerPage3SamplePhase02ByJTJR
  3. After all pages have been scanned and transferred onto a computer, they’re opened in an image editing software (e.g. Photoshop and Illustrator) for further touch ups. Here, word balloons are added, any errors are fixed, black areas are filled, and more.  When finished, each two pages are placed together on a separate file document, ready for printing. How they’re ordered depends on whether I’m printing single sided to show to friends and family, or double sided when making a book.

Simply Ant-Man

As much as I’m looking forward to seeing Ant-Man

simplyAntMan01ByJTJRsimplyAntMan02ByJTJRsimplyAntManSuicideSquad03b… I was impressed by the DC cinematic trailers released at Comic-Con recently. While the one for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was decent, it was Suicide Squad that piqued my interest more.

My Artist Statement Comic

My Artist StatementThis was something I did back when I attended my Comic Illustration class last year. We each had to illustrate one of our favorite hobbies and why we like them. This was a fun assignment to do, especially making the font used for the lettering.

The Process

1) A script was written along with storyboard thumbnails.

2) Up to 15 different character designs were drawn before choosing the final one.

“Me, me, me…” 15 different art styles

3) The final character sheets were drawn in different angles, including front, side, and 3/4.

The top was used for the main comic, while the bottom was used for one of the panels.

4) The final comic was drawn and inked on a sheet of paper, scanned, and edited onto a computer.

From the past: Tales of a Busboy

The second strip in the comic, "Tales of a Busboy"
The second strip in my comic, “Tales of a Busboy”

Published along side my “Ordinary Life” comic strip, I did another series based on my days as a busser for a restaurant. At the end of the night, bussers have to ask the bartenders for any last chores to do before leaving. Sometimes they get lucky and not have to do anything else, other times not so much. This was the latter of that.

From the past: An Ordinary Life comic strip

“And Ordinary Life” comic strip done for the Lansing Community College newspaper.

Back in 2010, I did a comic strip for the college newspaper. Each strip was a random story with a random event. This was the first strip in the series. I was able to get about 10 strips published before they stopped accepting them for the season. Afterward, I went on to do other stuff, and did not continue the series.

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