ConArt @ Capital City Comic Con 2017


Here’s a blank cover variant I did at my table during Capital City Comic Con 2017.


Con Art @ NerdCon 2017



Some art I did at my table from Nerdcon a few weeks ago.

The Rising Star


Mantovani – Born Free

Here’s an original I made in three days for NerdCon 2017.  You may have already seen him in one of my 3D works years ago on here.  He’s been my latest Superman pastiche for some time now.

An ordinary human who after exposure to a meteorite, develops super strength, speed, and flight.  However, when the U.S. government catches up to him, he is made into their own sponsored superhero, going on missions and being admired by the public.  Though he finds this as an opportunity to make a name for himself and atone for his past, it is not an easy path, especially with the people from his personal life.

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