George Romero, 1940 – 2017


There was a point in my life where I had a taste for zombie films.  I think it was around the early 2000s that it started, back when the first Resident Evil movie and Shaun of the Dead came out.  Back then, I started renting zombie films at my local video store.  Of course, they would include the Living Dead films from George Romero.

He was one of those directors I was a fan of at the time.  I have seen some of his Living Dead films, including both versions of Night of the Living Dead (1968 and 1990), Land of the Dead, and the original Dawn of the Dead.  Looking back, I notice they all had an element of social commentary,  such as racial relations (Night) and consumerism (Dawn).  This is what made George stand out from other zombie film directors.  Nevertheless, he played a part in my life growing up, entertaining us with stories of the zombie apocalypse while also including social commentary in them.  This led me to produce this tribute piece.

This ended up taking longer than expected (a little over a week).  I almost posted the original work, which had a different zombie on the left side.


The tar zombie, from Return of the Living Dead, who almost made it into the final.

However, if there’s one thing I learned coming out of this, is that although George’s work inspired the film, Return of the Living Dead, he had no involvement in the making of it.  I spent an extra day swapping it out with another zombie and added a few more details.


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