WonderGal & The Wonder Woman review


I made a quick digital artwork of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman over the weekend with the release of the film. Having seen the film already, I can safely say it lives up to the positive word of mouth it’s been getting.  It is indeed one of the better comic book movies out there, especially for the DCEU, which needed a victory after the previous three films.

You could make a comparison between this and films like Captain America: The First Avenger (hero with a team fighting in a World War setting) and even Thor (hero from another place who goes on a “fish-out-of-water” journey). However, even if you were to watch them all together, you’ll find that Wonder Woman feels a lot different than the latter two. While it had some humorous moments in the film, there are also some serious moments, tackling areas including humanity, the horrors of war, and so forth.  It felt more like watching a war film that just happens to have a super heroine in the mix.

The actions scenes were enjoyable, especially when they go into No Man’s Land (as seen in one of the trailers). Any flaws I found was mostly in the effects, such as the heroine’s Lasso of Truth. While it is a practical effect and very convincing looking in some parts, it’s when it’s used in action, where it looks to be drawn in, frame-by-frame.  However, these flaws did not hinder my movie going experience.

Overall, the movie was a breath of fresh air from the divisiveness and negativity that DC/WB’s been getting with the last three films. I grew to enjoy Man of Steel more after a few viewings (aside from its mass destruction), I liked Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (The Ultimate Edition specifically), Suicide Squad I don’t care much about (you can have that). Wonder Woman is one of the better DC films along side The Dark Knight and Superman: The Movie.


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