Simply Rocket Raccon w/ Baby Groot


Saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 over the weekend. The movie to me was like a bag of Skittles: Sweet and colorful.  The visuals, scenery, characters, and music were the strongest parts of the movie. While it had a few flaws, such as pacing and minor effects, it didn’t distract me from my viewing experience.

The visuals and most of the special effects were very rich and vibrant.  This was especially noticeable with the scenery, especially when they show the planet Ego.  However, if there’s one flaw I had in this area, it was an effect during the third act.  Without spoiling too much, it occurred on Earth, and it felt like something out of an early 2000s blockbuster.  Nevertheless, it didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the movie.  Other areas, such as character interaction, also caught my interest.

A lot of the interaction between characters was great.  I had no trouble following the separate story lines with each character.  While the character of Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) had some funny moments, it was Drax (Dave Bautista) who was the funniest in the movie.  It seems just about everyone had an interesting moment in the movie.  Pick any character, regardless of how big or small their role was,  and you’re likely to find an interesting (if not favorite) moment.  Even as small a role as say one of the Ravagers, you’ll probably go, “Ha ha! That was funny what happen to them.”

Overall, I had a good time watching the movie.  Though there a few flaws, I didn’t hinder my movie going experience.


May the Fourth Be With You with Slave Leia


This was a piece I actually started back in January, after I heard about the passing of Carrie Fisher. I was trying to come up with an idea for a tribute picture. Originally, I was going to do a face portrait of Leia from The Force Awakens, but I was unsatisfied with how it came out. This was another take, based on the memorable outfit in Return of the Jedi. Halfway through, I stopped because I didn’t think anyone would be interested. So, I decided to put it aside, and went onto do other projects (hence, Snowy Knight). After a while, around the beginning of May, I was looking back at some of my unfinished work. With May the 4th happening now (as of this post), I decided to open up the project, finish coloring, and just post it out there.

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