Cyanna Starr vs. The Magents of Order

Non-title version available here. Credit to Juan Hodgson for the title font.

Carpenter Brut – Roller Mobster

I want to say this is my contribution to the Retrowave trend, but rather it’s more of an inspiration on a couple things I’ve seen or heard lately.  I don’t have plans for a comic series at the moment.  All I could think of right now is the premise: After regaining pieces of her old memory, a woman takes down the corporation responsible for stealing her former life.  This took about 4 weeks to finish, including preproduction art, multiple takes, and a few breaks in between.

Work Process

  1. The idea came from several sources, including:
    • Atomic Blonde trailer – Female protagonist
    • Wonder Woman trailer – Glowing weapon
    • Hotline Miami (game) – Music and action
    • Beyond the Black Rainbow (film) – The Magent’s helmets
    • Tron (film) & “12:51” by The Strokes – The light trail of the whip
    • “Starboy” by The Weeknd, feat. Daft Punk – The ambient cinematography
    • “Roller Mobster” by Carpenter – Feel and influence
    • Nerve (film) – Lighting
    • Retrowave – General influence
    • 1980s – Apparel
    • CMYK (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black) colors – Inspired names
  2. I started by drawing out the main character, including her outfit and face.CyannaStarrConcept001CyannaStarrConcept002
  3. Drew 4 different poses. Ended up going with the fourth one.C7P4VPfVsAAEXLV
  4. Drew the final pose on pencil and paper. The inking was done digitally using the pen tool.CyannaStarrRough01
  5. Later drew the “Magents” character sheet with a couple helmet designs.RobotHeadConcept
  6. The Magents were drawn in digitally.
  7. Background was done digitally as well, using guidelines and the pen tool.
  8. Coloring, tweaking, and other effects were done in separate layers and groups (main character, back enemies, from enemy, background). This was done so I could adjust and move the assets around as I see fit. However, this caused the file to be much bigger (like over a gigabyte).

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