Black Widow, Civil War


I saw Captain America: Civil War last weekend.  It was great.  I liked some of the characters introduced, some of the action and non-action scenes, the fight choreography, and more. If there was one flaw I had with the movie, it was how long it felt.  Other than that, I enjoyed it a lot more than The Winter Soldier, because it left me thinking more about the movie afterwards.

Do I think it out shined Batman v Superman? Yes, in certain areas, it did (e.g. storytelling, editing, etc.), but that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn against the DC/WB property and anybody who supports it.  I’m still a fan of both properties, I’m still looking forward to Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman, and even though Zack Snyder’s involved, I’m still curious as to how the Justice League movies will unfold. It’s okay if you liked either comic book movie properties, both of them, or neither.  Just don’t be a dick about it.  Anyways,  enough of that, onto the artwork.

I haven’t drawn any females in a while, so I decided to draw Black Widow from the movie. I might do some more Civil War artwork later.


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