“Captain Spidey” aka Spider-man, Civil War


Lately, I was inspired by watching speed coloring videos on Youtube that I decided to do something different.  I’ve been experimenting with new techniques in Photoshop to make my latest entry more photo realistic.  It took two attempts to get it right. The first attempt involved “colored pencil” style brushes, but half way through, I had to chuck it and start over.  The second attempt took the entire week to do. It’s a lot closer to what I had in mind.  It was very tedious, as I found myself having to redo certain parts from the original sketch (e.g. the web “grid” on the suit and the black trimmings on the arms).  There’s probably more I can do to improve this, but for right now (as of this writing), I’m tired.  Once I recharge, I might talk about the process of how I made this.


Darwyn Cooke, 1962 – 2016


While I was working on other projects, I heard the news about the comic artist’s passing last Saturday. I decided to put them aside to work on this over the weekend.

Darwyn Cooke was one of my favorite artists/writers in comics. He’s known for having that 1950s look in his artwork. Some of his works include DC‘s Solo #5, Batman/Spirit, Richard Stark’s Parker, and The New Frontier. Outside of comics, he’s done storyboard for the Batman and Superman animated series, as well as animation, including the title sequence to Batman Beyond. To me, he’s one of the most talented people who will be missed.

Black Widow, Civil War


I saw Captain America: Civil War last weekend.  It was great.  I liked some of the characters introduced, some of the action and non-action scenes, the fight choreography, and more. If there was one flaw I had with the movie, it was how long it felt.  Other than that, I enjoyed it a lot more than The Winter Soldier, because it left me thinking more about the movie afterwards.

Do I think it out shined Batman v Superman? Yes, in certain areas, it did (e.g. storytelling, editing, etc.), but that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn against the DC/WB property and anybody who supports it.  I’m still a fan of both properties, I’m still looking forward to Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman, and even though Zack Snyder’s involved, I’m still curious as to how the Justice League movies will unfold. It’s okay if you liked either comic book movie properties, both of them, or neither.  Just don’t be a dick about it.  Anyways,  enough of that, onto the artwork.

I haven’t drawn any females in a while, so I decided to draw Black Widow from the movie. I might do some more Civil War artwork later.

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