Game Jam 2015: “Reverse Halloween”

Did a game jam with a couple people this year. We had to make a game in 48 hours, based on a randomly picked theme. This time, we were given the theme: “Non-generic Halloween.” We came up with a game where instead of going trick or treating and getting candy from house to house, it’s the other way around. In “Reverse Halloween,” it’s a combination of a shooting gallery meets whack-a-mole, as you throw candy and “other treats” at lit up windows and doors of each house. During this project, I was responsible for creating the 2D assets for this game, including the houses, windows, doors, and fences. There was additional content that didn’t make the cut, which can be viewed below the screenshots.

rh01 rh02 rh03 rh04

Bonus Content

Unused assets included candy and toilet paper for the HUD, and additional windows & doors for the houses.

Two Portraits

I’ve been very busy these past few weeks, including job hunting, a training course (also job related), and other projects.  As of this post, it seems I only have time to post new content over the weekend. Anyways, I have drawn and inked a few portraits this week. One’s an original, while the other one’s from a popular video game series, just about everyone’s playing lately.

Retro Lady 01 By JTJRChicken Snake By JTJR

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