Star Gazing

Another Googie/Kirby Krackle experiment I made over the weekend.Star Gazing By JT2015


Stand By For Lift Off

This is a poster I did recently, using inspiration from Googie design and Kirby Krackles. There are two versions of this piece, with and without the title.

Stand By For Lift Off By JT 2015 Stand By For Lift Off No Title By JT2015

From The Past: 3D Model Final – Superhero

Found this in my hard drive that I decided to share. This was a character I made for the final assignment in my 3D Modeling and Design class from a few years back. Included so far are facial shoots, a character rotation sheet, concept sketch, and texture mappings (color, bump, and specular). Made in Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Maya.


Character Rotation Sheet
Character Rotation Sheet

Additional Content

Color Mapping
Specular Mapping
Bump Mapping

Simply Ant-Man

As much as I’m looking forward to seeing Ant-Man

simplyAntMan01ByJTJRsimplyAntMan02ByJTJRsimplyAntManSuicideSquad03b… I was impressed by the DC cinematic trailers released at Comic-Con recently. While the one for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was decent, it was Suicide Squad that piqued my interest more.

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