“Frank and Casey” aka The Tomorrowland fanart

Frank And Casey By JTJRI saw Disney’s Tomorrowland over the weekend. While the story leaned more towards family-friendly, the visuals were beautiful, especially in scenes where they’re at the utopian city. Overall, it was an okay film. Anyways, onto the artwork. While watching, the two main characters reminded me a little of the other two from the Adult Swim animated show, Rick and Morty. Though different in their personalities, both duos share a similarity in their archetypes. George Clooney’s Frank being the Rick character, because they’re both disgruntled geniuses. Brit Robertson’s Casey being the Morty character, because both are the young apprentices, who follow said disgruntled geniuses. Hence what led to this drawing.


“Mr. No Strings” aka Ultron

Ultron By JTJRSaw Avengers: Age of Ultron awhile back. It was great. Drew a picture of the big bad AI the other day.

3D Cel Shaded Knight

JTknightModel3D texture mapping for when I was attending my 3D Modeling and Design class. We were assigned to make a skin for a knight character given to us. For mine, I went with a mixture between between two different online games. Think of it as “What if online games like World of Warcraft and the late City of Heroes fuse together?” Well, you get this amalgam character.

Knight01texture Knight02texture Knight03texture

My Artist Statement Comic

My Artist StatementThis was something I did back when I attended my Comic Illustration class last year. We each had to illustrate one of our favorite hobbies and why we like them. This was a fun assignment to do, especially making the font used for the lettering.

The Process

1) A script was written along with storyboard thumbnails.

2) Up to 15 different character designs were drawn before choosing the final one.

“Me, me, me…” 15 different art styles

3) The final character sheets were drawn in different angles, including front, side, and 3/4.

The top was used for the main comic, while the bottom was used for one of the panels.

4) The final comic was drawn and inked on a sheet of paper, scanned, and edited onto a computer.

The First Avenger Returns

Captain America is created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Iron Man is created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck, and Jack Kirby.
Captain America is created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Iron Man is created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck, and Jack Kirby.

Being a comic collector, I was reading the recent issue of Avengers, #44. Near the end of the story, there was a fight between two characters that reminded me of The Dark Knight Returns. I was inspired to draw that memorable shot from the comic book classic, where an older Batman, equipped in battle armor, knocks down Superman, but with Captain America and Iron Man in their places. This took 4 days to make, with frequent breaks in between. Originally, I wasn’t going to have a background. Once I finish coloring both characters, I was going to crop it at the bottom of Cap’s feet, and call it a day. However, after observing my progress, I felt obligated. I quickly drew the background from the comic, scanned it, and edit the rest through Photoshop.

The Process

Rough sketches were drawn for practice, including the pose and a few head shots. The comics (Avengers #44 and The Dark Knight Returns in this case) and online pictures were used as reference.

First Avenger Returns Concept Art

The final drawing was sketched and inked by hand before going to the scanner. First Avenger Returns Drawn and Inked

The background was drawn separately on a separate sheet of paper.

First Avenger Returns Background

Shadows, additional inking, editing, and coloring, were done in Photoshop.

“Where did you go?”

A lot has happened since I was away from my blog. I’ve been very busy with my last semester of classes, which lead to me finally graduating from college. Since then, I’ve been job hunting while working on a project and building my portfolio. I figured this would be a good time to show off what I’ve been doing while was away. Be sure to check back weekly, as I post new artwork and more, here on my blog.

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