Inktober, Day 18 – Filthy


I don’t know if this counts, but here’s a good old fashion house wife, covered in redness. Must’ve gotten carried away with the ketchup.

#inktober #inktober2017


Inktober, Day 15 – Mysterious


As Alice wanders further into Wonderland, she is greeted by the mysterious Cheshire Cat.

Alice in Wonderland, based on the Lewis Carroll novel, was one of my favorite animated movies from Disney. There was something scary yet entertaining about the movie, from the dark atmosphere, to some of the characters, including the Cheshire Cat. This depiction of the character here was based on the one from the movie, the 😀 emoticon and  awesome face (see the Internet for the last two).

Inktober, Day 14 – Fierce


… and Down Right About It! Based on a button input from the classic fighting game, Street Fighter II. Moving the joystick down into a quarter circle and pressing the Fierce Punch button allows Ryu (pictured) to throw the strongest fireball out of his palms.

#inktober #inktober2017

Inktober, Day 12 – Shattered


October 12th, 2017. 32 years ago, a comedian died in New York. The streets were showered in shattered glass, as Edward Blake, formerly known as “The Comedian”, was killed after being tossed through the window of his apartment by an unknown attacker. The story of who his killer was and more are told in the limited comic book series, Watchmen.

This is a recreation of a panel from the comic. It took longer than expected. It didn’t help that I had a long day at work that day. If not for that, I would’ve added the buildings in the background. Figured I post it as soon as I reached a stopping point.