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Well, this is it. I have reached the end of my one year daily drawing challenge. It was a rough start at first, but I managed to pump out a drawing each day for a year.  There were days where I was satisfied with what I drew, days I wish I could improve, and other days where I struggled to come up with something to draw.  Nevertheless, I was able to pull through to the end.  Thank you for following along on this one year journey. Fear not, for I will continue to draw as well as work on other projects. I may write about what I’ve learned along the way in the next post.  For now, I think I’m due for a break.


Couple At Sundown


Craig Safan – Into the Starscape (the first 3 minutes and 52 seconds)

Two people embrace under a tree at sundown. One more daily tomorrow.

  • Penciling: 1 hour, 17 minutes
  • Inking: 35 minutes
  • Coloring: 32 minutes
  • Total: 2 hours, 24 minutes

Pencils Only – Shazam


Last March, I got the privilege of seeing an early screening of the movie Shazam. It was fun. Zachary Levi played the superhero lead effortlessly.  His scenes with Jack Grazer (as Freddy) where he tests his powers were one of the brighter moments of the movie. While Asher Angel was also good as the young Billy Batson, I didn’t get the feeling that him and Zach were the same character. Maybe after another viewing, my opinion might. Aside from that, the other kids were good, including Faithe Herman (as Darla), who captured the character real well from the recent comics.

The movie was easy to follow, and not as overwhelming as Aquaman was. There were some scary moments in the film, but it doesn’t pull you away entirely from the movie. Mark Strong was decent as the villainous Dr. Sivana. However, the other villains, specifically the Seven Deadly Sins, were one of the weaker parts of the movie. With the exception of Gluttony, the others were hard to tell who’s who without the other characters mentioning their names. Overall, it was a fun and enjoyable experience.  This is definitely one of the better movies in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Anyways, I did a bust drawing of the lead character, with electricity coming off of him. This is based on a shot near the end of Thor Ragnarok. Fun fact, Zachary Levi played in Marvel’s Thor trilogy as Fandral, one of the Warriors Three. It’s kind of interesting to see the actor move up into becoming his own god of thunder.

Penciling: 1 hour, 18 minutes

Pencils Only – Joker 2019


Only had time to do a pencil sketch of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. After seeing the teaser to the upcoming film, this might be my new favorite iteration of the clown prince of crime on screen. Looking forward to this one.

Penciling: 1 hour, 36 minutes

Dick Dale, 1937 – 2019


The 1960s is one of my favorite decades in terms of pop culture. One of things I would do over the summer is listen to music from that time, including surf music. Among them was Dick Dale and the Deltones. Discovered when I was watching the classic 1963 movie, Beach Party, the guitarist had a memorable fast pace sound, bringing forth the surf music genre. Some of his musical hits include “Surfing and A’ Swinging,” “Let’s Go Trippin,” and “Miserlou,” also known as the theme to Pulp Fiction.  He left a huge impact in the music world before his passing, earning himself the title, “King of Surf Guitar.”

  • Penciling: 1 hour, 9 minutes
  • Inking: 36 minutes
  • Coloring: 21 minutes
  • Total: 2 hours, 6 minutes

Lucha Wonder Woman


Here is Wonder Woman as a masked luchador. Based on DC’s Lucha Explosive! toyline, she is one of the characters to be given a makeover.

  • Penciling: 1 hour, 58 minutes
  • Inking: 46 minutes
  • Coloring: 46 minutes
  • Total: 3 hours, 30 minutes

The Amazing Cynical Man


If you clicked the link from one of my social media pages, April Fools! I will be posting the actual piece tomorrow.

If you’re still here or if you came across this post first, here is Matt Feazell’s Cynical Man. He does comic strips featuring this character along with other stick figures. The creator’s a very nice guy, who I’ve I met a few times at previous conventions.

Ultra Instinct Shaggy

UIShaggyByJTjr2019Since its introduction in Dragon Ball mythos, people started giving other characters the Ultra Instinct treatment, whether it’s through artwork, stories, or Youtube videos. Somewhere down the line, Shaggy became a popular from this transformation. Before moving on from OP characters, I thought I’d do my take on the classic Hanna Barbera character turned Chuck Norris.

  • Penciling: 38 minutes
  • Inking: 19 minutes
  • Coloring: 1 hour, 26 minutes
  • Total: 2 hour, 23 minutes

The Presence meets The One Above All


Ending the weekend are two of the most overpowered characters from the big two comic companies.  They are the gods of their respective universes/multiverses, with the Presence at DC/Vertigo (left), and the One Above All at Marvel (right).  The latter has taken on different forms in the comics, including a homeless man, Jack Kirby, and a disembodied head at one point.  Here, I decided to have him resemble the late Stan Lee.

There are a lot more OP characters to draw, and I didn’t want to repeat previous ones (e.g. Dr. Manhattan, Phoenix, One Punch Man, etc). I may return to this theme another time.  However, there’s one more OP character I’d like to conclude with tomorrow.  After that, there’s one more week left on my one year daily drawing challenge.

  • Penciling: 1 hour, 10 minutes
  • Inking: 1 hour, 4 minutes
  • Total: 2 hours, 14 minutes

Next Week, Until the April 7th: Anything Goes, One More Time

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